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Grand InterContinental
Seoul Parnas

Seoul COEX

[Restaurants] What restaurants are there in the hotel?

There are 5 restaurants in our hotel.

On the 1st floor, there is the all-day dining & buffet restaurant Brasserie.

Asian Live on the 2nd floor serves Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Halal food.

On the 30th floor, you can enjoy contemporary Italian cuisine and beverages at Sky Lounge.

[Restaurants] At what age do children get charged for eating at the buffet restaurant?

Children aged 48 months to 12 years are charged the fee for children. 

[Restaurants] Where is the buffet restaurant and what do they charge?

Our buffet restaurant, Brasserie, is located on the 1st floor. Please click here for more information.

[Restaurants] What is the Lobby Lounge Wonder Hour?

Wonder Hour takes place in the Lobby Lounge (1F) of InterContinental Seoul COEX at 18:00 - 21:00 from Monday to Saturday.

Guests can enjoy unlimited wine, draft beer, and dishes prepared by our chef.

The price for Wonder Hour is KRW 47,000.

(incl. service charge & tax / not available on Sunday and holidays)

[Rooms] What is the voltage in the room?

The voltage is 220v, which is the standard in Korea. Multi-adapters are provided in the rooms.

[Rooms] How can I send fax or email messages to a guest?

Please send it to the following address with the name of the guest.

FAX: 02-3430-8000

Email: coexbc@parnas.co.kr

For more information, please contact us at 02-3430-8550.

[Rooms] How can I deliver something to a guest?

Please send it to the Bell Desk located at the hotel entrance (1F). It can be delivered to a guest who is staying or will stay in our hotel.

For more information, please contact us at 02-3430-8522.

[Rooms] How can I call a guest staying in the room?

Please tell us the name of the guest. We will then connect your call through the Instant Service Center.

[Rooms] How can I check whether a guest has checked in or not?

Please tell us the name of the guest.

[Rooms] What kind of massage service do you offer in the hotel?

1) Cosmopolitan Fitness Center (3F) – 8:30am - 7:30pm, reservation is required

2) Massage in the room – Available 24 hours a day. Reservation is required through the Instant Service Center.

** You will be charged for massage service.