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Blossom Picnic Package Mar 21, 2024 ~ Jun 30, 2024

Enjoy the view of Bongeunsa Temple filled with colorful spring flowers. Besides an upgraded room with a panoramic view of Bongeunsa Temple, provided are two complimentary cups of traditional tea from Yeonhoeidawon (Korean Traditional Teahouse) within Bongeunsa Temple for you to experience the warm s

Seoul Delight Package Oct 13, 2023 ~ Jun 30, 2024

Make the most of a night out in Seoul! We suggest your getaway holiday with popular K-Foods in the privacy of your room. Enjoy a chef-prepared fried chicken-beer combo, also known as chimac, and a specially made K-Cocktail as you savor the night in Seoul!

An aquarium expedition Feb 10, 2023 ~ Jun 30, 2024

Enjoy an aquarium with a variety of aquatic creatures and a mysterious underwater world, a hearty breakfast buffet, and cute aquarium character puppets! Have a full day of fun with your family at InterContinental Seoul Coex.

Friends Winter Night Out Apr 01, 2024 ~ Jun 30, 2024

A warm offer from Intercontinental Seoul COEX that adds color to the chilly weather. Enjoy an unforgettable cozy stay with your dear friends in a suite room overlooking the glamorous cityscape of Gangnam. Along with a breakfast buffet for three, indulge in the captivating Bombay Bramble, a premium g