Intercontinental Seoul Coex Keyvisual




Sweet Winter Package Nov 12, 2023 ~ Mar 03, 2024

A sweet offer from InterContinental Seoul COEX for a cozy winter stay! Enjoy a diverse breakfast buffet and our hotel's signature hot chocolate to beat the winter chill at InterContinental Seoul COEX. Even movie theater tickets directly connected to the hotel!

Friends Winter Night Out Dec 01, 2023 ~ Jun 30, 2024

A warm offer from Intercontinental Seoul COEX that adds color to the chilly weather. Enjoy an unforgettable cozy stay with your dear friends in a suite room overlooking the glamorous cityscape of Gangnam. Along with a breakfast buffet for three, indulge in the captivating Bombay Bramble, a premium g

Seoul Delight Package Oct 13, 2023 ~ Jun 30, 2024

Make the most of a night out in Seoul! We suggest your getaway holiday with popular K-Foods in the privacy of your room. Enjoy a chef-prepared fried chicken-beer combo, also known as chimac, and a specially made K-Cocktail as you savor the night in Seoul!

An aquarium expedition Feb 10, 2023 ~ Jun 30, 2024

Enjoy an aquarium with a variety of aquatic creatures and a mysterious underwater world, a hearty breakfast buffet, and cute aquarium character puppets! Have a full day of fun with your family at InterContinental Seoul Coex.