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[Meetings and Wedding] How can I confirm my event reservation?

You can confirm your reservation through the event title or host. For the event taking place on the day, you can confirm through the Instant Service Center. For events scheduled on other days, you should contact our Event Marketing Team. 

Event Marketing Team (3430-8686)

[Meetings and Wedding] Where are the meeting room signs located in the hotel?

There is one on the B1 floor, 1st floor, and 30th floor each, as well as one in front of each room.

[Meetings and Wedding] What kind of down payment is required (payment method)?

When signing the contract, you have to make a 20% down payment by credit card or bank transfer. 

[Meetings and Wedding] Does the price include service charge and tax?

The food and beverage charge includes a 10% service charge and 10% tax. The rental cost, A/V systems, and flower decoration include only a 10% tax. 

[Meetings and Wedding] When is the closing time for evening events?

Events should end before 22:00.

[Meetings and Wedding] Is smoking allowed in the meeting room?

Smoking is not permitted indoors under the government regulations.

[Meetings and Wedding] What subway lines and exits are connected to your hotel?

We are connected to Exit #5 of Samsung Station (Line #2) in the direction of Bongeunsa Temple or Exit #7 of Bongeunsa Station (Line #9).

[Meetings and Wedding] Where can I find cargo elevators? (location and directions)

Please contact our Event Marketing Team (3430-8686).

[Meetings and Wedding] Can you arrange an interpretation booth?

It can be arranged through an A/V service provider at an extra cost. Please contact our Event Marketing Team (3430-8686) for more information.

[Meetings and Wedding] Is there a meeting room where you can display cars?

You can display cars in our Harmony Ballroom.