We listen to your comments so that we can strive for excellence in our service.

[Misc.] Where can I find a map of Seoul?

You can find a map at the Concierge Desk.

[Misc.] How can I find the things I've lost at your hotel?

All lost items are turned over to the Lost and Found Center in the hotel. You may find your items there. Please call 02-3430-8905 for more information.

[Misc.] Where is the Lotte Duty-free Store located and what are its business hours?

The Lotte Duty-free Store is located on the 2nd floor of InterContinental Seoul COEX. It is open from 10:00 to 21:00 all year long.

[Misc.] I need more information about your hotel. Where can I find it?

Information about our company, products, and promotional offers is available on our website. 

For more information, please contact our Service Center through the website.

[Misc.] Do you offer academy-industrial job experience programs? How can I apply?

Educational background : Korean college/university students who have studied hotel management and tourism 

Application : Summer (May - June), winter (October - November)

Period : Summer (6 weeks in August - September), winter (6 weeks in December - January)

How to apply : Send the request form signed by the manager through fax or email 

                       After review of the request, the school will be notified. 

                       Students cannot request individually. 

                       Fax Number: 559-7419        E-mail: 

Required documents : Application form, health certificate (F&B/Cooking required) 

Areas of application : Room, F&B, Cooking

[Misc.] How can I apply for the overseas internship program?

Educational background : Overseas college/university students who majored in Hospitality Management

Application period : On an occasional basis

Required documents : Free format resume (with a photo), cover letter 

How to apply : Email application (resume & cover letter(Korean/English)/date of employment, department) → job interview after application review (online)

                         E-mail: /

Areas of employment : Room, F&B, S&M, etc.

[Restaurants] How can I make reservations for the restaurant/bar?

You can make reservations in the following ways.

1. Call each restaurant/bar to make reservations. 

2. Add us as a friend on Kakao Talk and make reservations in real time (from 09:30 to 18:00 during weekdays).

Add us as a friend on Kakao Talk

[Restaurants] What kind of discounts do you offer at your hotel restaurants?

The following credit cards, hotel membership cards (e.g. I CHOICE, Fitness Club, Wedding Club) and other partner VIP membership cards offer discounts at our restaurants. 

** Credit card discounts are not available for beverages, events, and private dining service or at the Lobby Lounge. 

Hyundai Card                                                     

                Hyundai The Black

                Hyundai The Purple

                Hyundai The Red

                Hyundai Platinum M

                Hyundai Platinum ML

                Hyundai Platinum H

                Hyundai Platinum R

                Hyundai Platinum T

                Hyundai Platinum A

                Hyundai Platinum K

                Hyundai Platinum V

                Hyundai Platinum E

                Hyundai Platinum Executive

                Hyundai Diners

Hana Card (previously known as Hana SK Card)


                Diamond Club


                Corporate Credit Card

Hana Card (previously known as KEB Card)



                Corporate Credit Card

Shinhan Card 

                Shinhan The Premier

                Shinhan The Ace

                Shinhan The Infinite

                Shinhan The Lady Best

                Shinhan The Best

                Shinhan Family Card

Samsung Card 

                Samsung Raume O

                Samsung AMEX The Platinum

                Samsung THE O

                Samsung Card I

                Samsung THE I

                Samsung Signature

                Samsung AMEX Gold

[Restaurants] Where can I have breakfast? What time do you serve breakfast and how much do you

1) Breakfast is served at Brasserie (1F) from 06:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Adult: KRW 49,000 / Children (Age 48 months – 12 years): KRW 24,500

** The price includes service charge and tax.

2) You can also order private dining service in the room.

[Restaurants] Do the restaurants serve a vegetarian or halal menu?

Please speak to our manager at each restaurant when you order.

They will prepare your food without any meat. 

You can also enjoy a selection of vegetarian dishes at Brasserie and Lobby Lounge of InterContinental Seoul COEX. 

Halal cuisine is served at Table 34 of Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas and Asian Live of InterContinental Seoul COEX, as well as our event rooms. Please tell us your preferences when making reservations.